Charles Mangun moved to Idaho in 1989, bringing with him his experience of working in the California construction industry. His broad base of experience range from remodels to totally hand built log homes, which has taught Charles the tremendous importance of integrity and making sure his customers are satisfied. Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding areas are still considered small communities so having customers and peers speak highly of Charles is an integral part of his success. With a critical eye to quality, style, and efficiency, Charles is also known for being on time and within budget. There are no surprises with Charles, and you always know where you stand, and what's coming. He communicates clearly and patiently, always making sure the customer understands the scope and cost of new ideas and changes.
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Charles Mangun
Adam Grad
Adam Grad joined forces with Charles in 2006, and together they formed Centennial Log & Timber Homes. With an extensive background in customer service oriented business and sales, Adam fills a key position in the company as operations manager, with an emphasis on customer service. For the homeowner, the expense and number of decisions involved in building a home can be daunting and even overwhelming. Having a ready "partner" to help keep the daily occurrences and decisions in focus can keep things on track, and with his knowledge of the steps and processes, Adam is the perfect fit.

Together, Charles and Adam create a team where the homeowner can be assured that their project is of utmost importance.